The History of the
Are Those Real Companies?

In 1962/63, Ace Snodgrass designed and built the curtain for the Mortgage Players. Paul Rockwood, an artist, designed and painted the curtain incorporating into the "ads" not only companies from the 1880's and 1890's, but also companies which were hallmarks of the Kailua/Lanikai area in the 1960's.


FAIRY SOAP - After the Civil War, N.K. Fairbanks began a soap making company in Chicago. The trademark of the little fairy was modeled for by a young girl...The Fairy idea was very effective advertising and many people remember their mothers insisting on Fairy Soap being used for their Saturday night baths!

BULGAR'S BUSTLES - No woman would be caught dead without her bustle in the 1880's!

LYDIA PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND - Started in 1875, this remedy became one of the best known patent medicines of the 19th century. Descendants of this product are still available today. Lydia initially made the remedy on her stove before its success enabled production to be transferred to a factory in 1876.

BROWN'S MULE CHEWING TOBACCO - A brand of chewing tobacco manufactured by the R.J. Reynold's Tobacco Company in the late 1800s. It is still available today.


NOTE: These companies purchased ad space to help pay for the curtain.

PALI PALMS HOTEL - Located on the Kawainui Canal where Pinky's restaurant now stands.

CARMEN JOYCE - Kailua beauty salon named for the owner and Lanikai resident.

FLORENCES'S - Italian restaurant with various locations in Kailua whose owner lived in Lanikai.

ANN O'NEILL REAL ESTATE - Kailua Real Estate company whose owner lived in Lanikai.

HUGHES DRUGS - Kailua drug store owned by Francis Hughes and opened just 4 months before the attack on Pearl Harbor. It was located on the corner of Oneawa and Kailua Road.

PEPITO'S - Kailua's original Mexican restaurant located on Kuulei Road near the present McDonald's.

LEWERS & COOKE - Building supply firm located in Honolulu.

MacCOSHAM'S MEAT - Meat processing company located in Honolulu, whose owner Jack MacCosham supported his wife Marge and Margaret Olds in founding the Mortgage Players.

GOURMET BAZAAR - Upscale food market located near the Food PAntry and International Marketplace in Waikiki.


Paul Rockwood also incorporated into the curtain a caricature of Jack MacCosham and two of himself. (Who is that peeking out of the Anna O'Neill ad shown above?) He also painted the self portrait, known as the Old Man, that is always hung on the stage set of every Mortgage Players production.